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What People Are Saying About The Walk

  Celebrating Our Fifth Anniversary!

What does The Walk Mean to You?

Responses from the congregation:

The Walk is a great community place for all people to gather where you can be accepted just as you are. No matter where you are in life, you can come in and be welcomed. It’s a great feeling.

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The Walk means acceptance without judgement.

Home and family.

The Walk has been a source of peace, hope and God’s never-ending love. The music speaks to my soul; The Walk is a blessing in my life.

The way to stay at TUMC to worship and express my gifts – a place to worship and be real to others – to share my faith and life journey without censure – play, sing and share contemporary worship music – join with young to old people to love the Lord.

Learning, fellowship, caring, compassion are the things I get from The Walk experience.

Mutually shared expressions of faith and our individual life journeys toward the cross of salvation, remembering God’s goodness always. Embracing cultural, age and social differences with respect and open hearts and minds.

On those days when I’m genuinely way too sleepy or just plain lazy to get up for the early service, I’ve got a place to go to praise and worship God.

It has great worship.


The Walk is a great place to learn about God and participate in learning.

The Walk means to learn about the Word of God together interactively with the congregation.

It’s the place where you’re not judged and discuss interesting topics. You also learn something new every day.

Something special – it’s like a family in Christ on our journey.

The Walk to me is the fellowship of all the wonderful people, since I attend the earlier service also.

To me The Walk means joy, love and comfort. It’s a place where I can feel safe.

I’ve gotten to watch the youth develop in faith and maturity. We all got precious time with Ms. Bev in her final years.

Though I haven’t been able to attend The Walk as often as I’d like to recently, The Walk is always something I look forward to coming to. No matter what stress and hardships I’ve encountered during the week, I know I will always leave The Walk feeling enlightened and fulfilled by God’s love.

An opportunity to meet those who are seeking – an opportunity to witness and be witnessed to – a very personal faith community who knows me.

Due to feeling overwhelmed and depressed with what was on my plate, I certainly should have been in the company of fellow brothers and sisters, but instead, I had turned away. When we came back one February Sunday, I entered The Walk and immediately felt the joy, the love, and I felt hope, something I desperately needed to feel. So grateful in so many ways!

It’s an opportunity to worship God with our youth and young aduls, singing, clapping, dancing and playing our various instrument. All in praise of our wonderful, merciful Savior; almighty and awesome God! Blessed be His holy name.

A place to worship Jesus, discuss your events and connect our Biblical values. A place for love and caring.

A place to be comfortable worshipping God with other people.

A time to come together to discuss Biblical and current events and share each

other’s views. A place relevant to current events and connects Biblical values

as our solution.