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Q: What is a Stephen Minister?

A: A Stephen Minister is:

· a child of God who walks beside a hurting person

· a caring Christian who really listens

· a member of TUMC who has received 50 hours of training on how to provide   distinctively Christian care

· a person who is ready to focus on your needs

· a trustworthy confidant who will keep everything you say – and even your identity   – confidential

· someone who will faithfully meet with you on a weekly basis for as long as your need persists

Q: Is a Stephen Minister like a therapist?

A: No. A Stephen Minister is a lay member of our congregation who visits and cares for people in need. Stephen Ministers do receive ongoing training and supervision so they can be better able to provide quality Christian care to their care receivers.

Q: Will my Stephen Minister solve my problems for me?

A: No. Your Stephen Minister will listen to you, talk with you, and pray with and for you. He or she will meet with you on a weekly basis for as long as your need persists.

Q: It’s difficult for me to get around anymore. I could use someone to run errands for me and help me out around the house. Will my Stephen Minister do that?

A: No. Your Stephen Minister will be your trustworthy confidant. He or she will focus on your needs during your weekly visits. Your Stephen Minister may help you find people who can help you meet your other needs.

Q: What’s the difference between a Stephen Minister and one of my friends, or a casual visitor from the church?

A: Your Stephen Minister commits to meeting with you weekly for as long as you need his or her care. He or she will pray for you and with you. Unlike in a friendship, your Stephen Minister is there for you, but you do not have a reciprocal obligation to care for your Stephen Minister.

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