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Practical Resources Page

Below are links to pdf’s of many of our Practical Resource pages, which either share information or will help you find information on a particular issue. Most recent topics are listed first.

May 27

Memorial Day

May 20

No Practical Resource this Week

May 13

Ideas to Honor Mom

May 6

Thoughts on Love and Family

April 29

How to Stop Procrastinating

April 22

Dealing with the Tragedies of Life

April 15

How to Fix a Judgmental Attitude

April 8

Creating God’s Kingdom on Earth

April 1

Scripture on the Meaning of Easter

March 25

Thoughts on Palm Sunday

March 18

Quotes on Salvation and Transformation

March 11

Restoring Your Relationship With God

March 4

Thoughts on Christian Unity

Other Resources

Helping Someone with a drug or alcohol problem

Poverty Statistics in Baltimore

Ways to Attract New People to Church

Aging Issues

How to Visit Someone with Dementia or Alzheimer’s

Internet Resources for Caregivers

Ten Requests from Someone with Alzheimer’s

Internet Resources for End of Life Issues

How to Help Someone Who is Grieving, and How to Help Yourself While Grieving