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One goal of early childhood education is the gradual acquisition of social skills and self-control. Children can be helped to acquire these skills through encouragement and positive reinforcement on the part of adults, and through careful classroom management by the teacher. When a child demonstrates poor choices in behavior or self-control, the child will first be taken aside and the problem explained to them. The child will be told other options for their behavior (i.e. the correct way to use a toy, or better way to share with a friend).

Other choices of activities will be suggested (distraction and redirection). If the behavior persists, the child will be given a chance to reflect, commonly known as a time-out. The time-out will be away from the group, but in sight and sound of the teacher. If the child is persisting in dangerous or antisocial behavior, the child will be removed to the Director’s office to discuss the problem and the parents will be notified. If a child should have many incidents of dangerous or antisocial behavior, and there have been many parent-teacher-director conferences, the child may have to be removed from our program. Every effort will be made to avoid this situation.


If the Director and the Timonium Nursery School Board believe, after a reasonable length of time, cooperative planning with the teachers and following the conferencing process with the parents, that a child’s needs are not being met by the school, they retain the right to dismiss a child. The Director will work with the parents to find a more satisfactory situation for the child.

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