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A completed Maryland Immunization Certificate and Health Record, Health Addendum for Lead, Emergency Card and Student Information Form must be on file in accordance with the Baltimore County Health Department regulations before a child will be permitted to attend school in September. If a child has any type of allergy, an Allergy Form must be on file in the office as well as a Medication Order Form, should the child need medicine during the school day. If at all possible, medication should be administered at home.

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Nursery School Home

School Policies and Information

Students previously enrolled at Timonium Nursery have medical forms on file. In this case, only updated information needs to be forwarded including new inoculations and other pertinent medical information.


If your child has a fresh cough or cold, runny nasal discharge or sore throat, has had a fever or has vomited within 24 hours prior to the start of the school day, parents are asked to keep the child at home. Likewise, if a child has any contagious illness, including but not limited to chicken pox, lice, or conjunctivitis, the child may not attend school. It is also imperative that a parent or their caregiver call Timonium Nursery so that we may notify other parents that their children may have been exposed to certain illnesses. In the event a child is not well enough to play outside, he or she should not be sent to school. For the safety of the children, teachers must remain on the playground with the entire class and cannot stay inside with one child.

It is not the teacher’s responsibility to dispense medication. If at all possible, medicine should be given by the parent before or after school. In the event your child needs medicine during the school day or requires special attention after professional medical care, a medical order form must be signed by a parent or guardian with specific instructions from the doctor and filed in the office. In certain cases a doctor’s written permission may be required before the child may return to school.


Vision and hearing screening will be provided for three and four-year-olds. Parents will be asked to sign permission slips for both procedures. No child will be tested without a signed permission slip.


Daily snacks are provided by the school. Grace is said before every snack. This is a special time during the day for developing social skills, to be thankful, to talk, to listen to others, and to learn. We offer healthy snacks such as milk, water, pretzels, graham crackers, vanilla wafers and other low sugar cookies. Parents are requested to provide daily snacks only if your child has allergies or other dietary restrictions. Parents are asked to volunteer to bring snacks for parties and birthdays.