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How do you recommend that I prepare my child for the first day of school?

There is no formal preparation needed, except the children in the Three’s and Four’s programs are expected to be potty trained.

A little head start never hurts, though. You can prepare your child by talking to him or her about what to expect several weeks before and leading up to the first day of school. Be upbeat and enthusiastic about what is in store. It is helpful if, prior to your child’s first day of school, you schedule a visit with your child’s teacher to meet her and view the classroom.

Reading books about entering preschool and talking with siblings and friends about their positive experiences are also helpful.

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Prepare your child for drop-off by reminding your child what fun they will have. Let your child know who will pick him or her up, and when. You may want to create a ritual for each morning drop-off, such as a kiss and/or a hug, with a simple statement of encouragement you repeat each time.

When it comes time to leave, don’t sneak off without a good-bye. Do not linger. For children with separation issues, the teacher find that swift separation speeds the adjustment.

Late pickups can be devastating, particularly during those first few days. The School asks that you be on time to pick up your child.