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Timonium United Methodist Church

An Update on Progress

Toward Our 2017 Goals

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As previously reported, the Administrative Council has approved the following goals for 2017:

~ Current worship services will remain the same

~ We will go into our world, our community, by

  - Researching the needs of our immediate community

  - Using that information to determine where we can make a difference

  - Partnering with local organizations with similar missions, and

  - Offering our facility for programs and events that meet people’s needs

~ A Committee will be formed to implement these goals

~ We will keep the congregation fully informed about the progress toward these goals by regularly communicating through a variety of media, printed and electronic.

A Committee was formed to implement the goals. It presented the following Rationale to the Administrative Council, which approved it during its April Meeting:

“We are reaching out to the community in obedience to Scripture: to “Go out into the world,” and to “Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and love thy neighbor as thyself.” This is our mission statement put into action: Celebrate God’s love, share it with everyone, and make disciples of Christ. While continuing our inward ministries together, meeting the needs of one another in the congregation of TUMC, as we have always done, we recognize the need to expand our ministry beyond this church. As disciples of Christ, we should be outwardly focused, as well.”

You will notice that the Goals actually set up a process for researching the needs of the community, and then deciding how we might help meet those needs, either by ourselves or by partnering with other organizations, including local churches. Any additional programs undertaken must support this church’s mission and the scripture that forms the Rationale for the Goals.

The Goals Committee has designed a short questionnaire to get the information we need to continue the planning process. Those questions will be posed to local school administrators and community organizations, and then compiled. At that point the Council will decide which projects or programs are feasible and begin the process of reaching out to and sharing Christ’s love with our neighbors.

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