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Bags of Hope

Timonium United Methodist Church

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The Circle of LIGHT recently assembled “Bags of Hope” as a mission project.  These bags were prepared so that they can be carried in your car and given to people at intersections who are in need.  We have all seen these people and wondered whether to ignore them or give them money, not knowing how it would be spent.  These bags were prepared to contain a day’s food that could be eaten without preparation.  

The Circle of Light members preordered the quantity of bags they thought they would use.  Large paper lunch bags were double-bagged for the project.  The food was purchased and organized, and then the members along with guests met one evening and filled the bags.  The Circle filled 100 Bags of Hope, and each member took a number of the bags to keep in their car to give out in their travels.  

Recently Pastor Francie mentioned the “Bags of Hope” in a Sunday worship service.  Many folks in the congregation liked the idea of having these bags in their cars to give out to those in need.  So we thought that we would provide information regarding their contents.   The food included items such as (these are examples to be used as a guide):


                Breakfast – protein bar, fruit cup or cereal

                Lunch – prepared tuna salad, crackers

                Dinner – individual servings of Chef Boyardee ravioli or mac and cheese

                Snack – cheese crackers and fruit snack

In addition to the food, utensil, and napkin, the Circle also provided a list of resources such as shelters, employment, health, emergency food assistance centers.  This list can be found  by clicking here and can be printed out for inclusion in the bag.  

The Circle of Light has come up with a wonderful mission project!  We hope this idea catches on with others at TUMC!