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ASP Sunday “Deep Dive” Questions

Last Sunday Nick Myers and his team did an outstanding job of explaining how ASP works, how homes are chosen for repair, and sharing information about poverty in the place they visited, and here in the Baltimore area. The ASP Team wants you to think about the following questions:

1. Do you think it is easier to serve others who live far away than those in your own community?

2. When someone is in need, do you think it is easier to for them to ask for help from somebody in their own community, or outside of it .

3. Do you see the poverty in your own community? If you don’t, do you think you’re subconsciously ignoring it?

4. Have you ever personally known someone struggling with poverty and done something to help them? If so, what made you feel like you needed to do something, and would you do it again even if you didn’t know the person? If you didn’t, why do you think you didn’t feel called to do something, and would you do it differently now?

5. Have you felt called by God to serve? Have you accepted the calling, or ignored it? Why?

These are important questions for all Christians to consider, and act on. Thanks to the ASP Team for asking them.

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