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Twice a month, TUMC provides food to six schoolchildren in the area who might otherwise have little or nothing to eat over the weekends. We can only provide small portions of food each time, because the children take it home from school in their backpacks.

The following items are especially needed:

~  Single servings of Cheerios or Life cereal

~  Tru-Moo shelf-stable milk boxes, plain or chocolate

~  Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars

~  Sunbelt Bakery Oat & Honey Bars

~  Tuna or chicken in flip-top cans (with or without crackers)

~  Chipotle Tuna & Crackers, single serve pack

~  Baked beans in flip-top cans

~  Mandarin Orange Slices or Pineapple Chunks, flip top

~  Raisins or Craisins in single serving or small bags

~  Apple sauce, in 6 single servings

~  Goldfish crackers

~  Chef Boyardee microwavable lasagna or ravioli

~  Pace Fiesta Chicken & Rice

~  Graham crackers, in individual servings

~  Macaroni and cheese, prepared, such as Hormel’s

~  Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice, bag 8.5 oz

~  Hummus & Crackers, single serve pack

~  Chili with Turkey & Beans, flip top

~  Pretzels, bag

~  Lance Whole Grain & Cheddar Crackers

~  Apple & Eve Water Fruit Boxes

Thanks for your help!

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