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Mike Keller, Director of Music, Worship Design and Multi-Media Ministries

I grew up thinking I wanted to be a physician. And so I never took music lessons until I was about ready to graduate from high school! I was attending John Wesley United Methodist Church in Hagerstown, and one night, after a very moving choral concert, a voice told me that this was what I was called to do. So I delayed going to college for a year while I took piano lessons. Then I earned bachelors and masters degrees in vocal and choral music.

Mike Keller

I am a published composer and arranger. I also have instructional and method books published, and a large number of articles published in a variety of music journals. I have had the privilege of conducting festivals and workshops all across the United States and Puerto Rico, and I served as state chair, area chair, and national president of The Handbell Musicians of America. But what I am most proud of are the people with whom I work. I love teaching and watching people grow.

A list of the programs currently offered is on this site's music page. I hope you'll explore them to find out what we offer, and perhaps to find a place to plug in! Working together, we can and will do exciting things together!

Mike’s contact information:

Mkeller @ timoniumumc.org    410 - 252 - 5500, ext. 306