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Pastor Francie Dailey

Pastor Francie is an ordained Elder, celebrating her twentieth anniversary since ordination in 2013.  She graduated from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC, in 1990. She has a lifetime passion for youth ministry and served in that capacity in the church and institutional setting, at Methodist Children’s Homes for over fifteen years.

Her appointment to Timonium UMC began on July 1, 2007. Pastor Dailey has a vision for growing faithful leaders; disciples of Christ, equipped and empowered to serve our Risen Lord beyond the doors of the church building.

Pastor Francie Dailey

Reverend Dailey lives in Jarrettsville, Maryland with her husband, Reverend John Dailey, who is presently the pastor at Clynmalira United Methodist Church in Phoenix, MD. Their son Micah is studying at Johns Hopkins University, working on a double major in Microbiology and Writings Seminar. They are presently sharing their home with Shiloh, their German Shepherd and two kitties, Cuddles and Tiger, and countless wildlife as their home is on the edge of the woods.

In her spare time she loves to garden, cook, and read, although most of her spare time is devoted to cheering for Micah in whatever sport he is currently involved.

Francie’s Contact Information:

Fdailey @ timoniumumc.org    443 - 823 - 9473