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Deadlines and Policies

Bulletin Announcements should go to Jjacobs @ TimoniumUMC.org

For the Web Site’s Church News pages:

- Material will be published no more than three  to four weeks in advance. Any more than that and it gets ignored just when you want people to focus on your event;

- Material submitted after 2:00 p.m. on Thursday will not be published until the following week;

- Articles must be of interest to the entire church audience. Individual group meetings, for instance, can be found in the Calendar and Weekly Schedule.

- Pictures are encouraged, but they must be taken from close up, with people in the picture illustrating the story being told. Remember: smiling faces, doing ministry.

- Please submit your pictures electronically in .jpeg or .png format.

- We reserve the right to edit material for length and clarity, or to refuse to publish material that does not meet these guidelines.

The above guidelines will also be used for the Front Hall television monitor.

Submissions should be emailed to Mike Keller at

MKeller @ timoniumumc.org

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