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JC Coplai

Here’s how to contact us:

Our address is 2300 Pot Spring Road, Timonium, MD 21093

Our phone number is 410 - 252 - 5500  - Our email address is TUMC @ TimoniumUMC.org

Our fax number is 410 - 561 - 8941 -  Call the Nursery School at 410 - 252 - 6186

The email and office phone extension numbers for staff are below:

Rev. Chris Gobrecht Mike Keller

Pastor Chris Gobrecht’s email is

Cgobrecht @ timoniumumc.org

You can call him at 443 - 835 - 6590

Church office extension: 303

Mike Keller is Director of Music, Worship Design and Multi-Media Ministries.

His email is MKeller @ timoniumumc.org

Ext. 306

Anne McCorkle Garrett is our Visitation Minister. You can call her at 410 -688 -5607.

Her email is AMGarrett @ timoniumumc.org

Ginny OMalley

Staff Accountant Ginny O Malley’s

email is  GOMalley @ timoniumumc.org

Ext. 302

Jani Jacobs is our Administrative Assistant. Her email is JJacobs @ timoniumumc.org. You can reach her Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Church Office at 410-252-5500

J.C. Coplai

Our Nursery School Director is

J.C. Coplai her email is jcoplai @ timoniumumc.org

Ext. 308  The Nursery School website is here.

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Mike Sullivan is our facilities person. He’s here in the afternoons and evenings. Call him at the church at 410 - 252 - 5500

Noah Pierre is the Director of The Walk Band, and serves as Worship Leader for The Walk Worship Service. His email is

Noahpierre12 @ yahoo.com

Laura Harless

Laura Harless is our Director of Children’s Ministries. You can email her at LHarless @ TimoniumUMC.com

Submissions for the Bulletin or Announcements should go to JJacobs @ TimoniumUMC.org

John Schultz is our Organist. You can contact him at johnmschultzjr @ gmail.com

Jani Jacobs Anne McCorkle Garrett Adrienne Burley

Our Housekeeper is Adrienne Burley. She works here weekday mornings. You can reach her at the church at

410 - 252 - 5500.

Adrienne is also our Wedding Coordinator. Those planning weddings at TUMC may email her at WeddingCoordinator@timoniumumc.org