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Carol Wirth, Nursery School Director

Our family joined Timonium because we were looking for a warm neighborhood church, where we could worship and our children could attend Sunday School. Twenty years later, our boys are both grown and living away from home, but we continue to find the warmth of the TUMC congregation the best thing about this church.

Carol Wirth

Years ago, the church bulletin announced that they were looking for a teacher for their four year old nursery school program. I was a stay at home mom with our youngest son, and I thought this was something I would really like to do. I was hired and worked in the nursery school as a teacher for nine years. It was the best job I’ve ever had. When Dianna Morgan, the director, went back to working with retarded citizens, she asked me to consider taking on the job of director. I’ve been the director ever since. The 164 children enrolled in the school and the twenty wonderful teachers make me glad I took the job. The Timonium UMC Nursery School currently offers half day classes for two, three and four year olds.

In my leisure time I enjoy reading, attending my book club, lunching with friends, gardening, activities with the church’s “Circle of Light” women’s circle, traveling with my husband, and visiting with our boy’s as much as possible.

Carol’s contact information:

Cwirth @ timoniumumc.org

Nursery School phone: 410 - 252 - 6186